Time to Execute!

TaggingTO is an informational gatekeeper for a variety of projects, partnerships, and companies being developed and assisted by Ali Tarbhai. With TaggingTO – Our business is change, we’re on offense, all the time. This is as much about battle as about business. You may not like what we have to say, but together we will create a voice and help address and mitigate inequities in society – principals are the glue of society, together we help push for improvements to the system that we all participate in.

In order to build value and create innovation in a world so desperate for equitable outlets, it’s required I sacrifice my time and privacy for the greater good to bring light to and help deal with the inequities that exist in our system. A battle against injustices require us to sacrifice and make our own experiences public and seek compensation to bring to light such injustices that harm members of the public and society and create cannibalized entities that suck the life out of the system and the people who help build and create it.

I have taken an initiative to pursue publicly, and help demonstrate the lack of true equity and indemnification and seek others to support me in these endeavours. In pursuing justice and fairness, we can make society stronger and more resilient and avoid future loss towards ambitions and peace of mind that we entrust our system to provide. Only in a healthy world can we be free and truly work towards greener pastures.

Our job isn’t done until the job is done. It won’t be pretty.